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Lab Test Results

Blood Circulation

The Health Partner corrects temperature disproportion by warming the lower body without adverse effects such as increased blood pressure, while heart and head stay cool.

Health Partner’s far-infrared heat therapy allows in depth warming that occurs safely and comfortably. This system increases blood flow to the whole body by 41%, enhancing both blood circulation and metabolism.

Conventional whole body thermal therapy warms the body from the head down causing an immediate and continual increase in pulse rate. The Health Partner allows pulse rate to remain steady preventing undue stress on the heart.

The Health Partner improves blood flow throughout the body without raising blood pressure or experiencing a feeling of suffocation. Blood flow, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase while diastolic blood pressure stays relatively consistent for enhanced overall cardiovascular fitness.

Effective Weight (Fat) Loss

A study was done comparing the use of the Health Partner with a low-calorie diet (15 people) versus the use of a low calorie diet only (15 people). The Health Partner with low-calorie diet group burned 7 times more body fat than the low-calorie only group.

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